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Ribavirin and sofosbuvir have been tested in people who are co-infected with HIV and Hep CFor more informationsee the sofosbuvir fact sheet.

Serious adverse events include neuropsychiatric disorderssuicidal ideation and suicide attemptserious and severe bacterial infectionsbone marrow toxicitycytopenia and rarelyaplastic anemiacardiovascular disordershypertensionarrhythmias and myocardial infarctionhypersensitivityincluding anaphylaxisendocrine disordersincluding thyroid disorders and diabetes mellitusautoimmune disordersincluding psoriasis and lupuspulmonary disordersdyspneapneumoniabrochiolitis obliteransinterstitial pneumonitis and sarcoidosiscolitisulcerative and hemorrhagic/ischemiccolitispancreatitisand opthalmologic disordersdecrease or loss of visionretinopathy including macular edema and retinal thrombosis/hemorrhagesoptic neuritis and papilledema

Ribavirin is genotoxicmutagenicand should be considered a potential carcinogen.

Lactic acidosis is the name given to a condition where high levels of lactic acid build up in the bloodIt may occur in people with HIV who use ribavirinparticularly if they also use the HIV medicines ddIdidanosineVidex ECand/or d4TstavudineZeritThe following signs/symptoms can develop when a person has lactic acidosis:

Ribavirin can cause some of your red blood cells to dieRegular blood tests are important to monitor this problemThe dose of ribavirin may be reduced if your blood counts fall too lowRegular visits to your doctor for checkups and blood tests are very important while you are taking ribavirin.

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